Sunday, August 2, 2009

Speaking About Gadgets

I will call this a "Battle of the Gadgets". Myriads of gadgets are invented nowadays to attract consumers. Consumers on the other hand are getting loco to own new model gadgets out in the market. I will say again, oh advertisement you have a good teaser. Advertisement means million of expenditures. In return, the advertisement department of the company will develop a good sales pitch. Nice figure of speech.Nice convincing power. It is like telling buy this and you will have what you have not.

There is new invention right now, a Palm Pre gadget putting out in the market against Apple's Iphone. Hmmm, look at the presentation. Gadget's life spam depend on the users. Like cell phones made in China, they don't really last. Gee, if you are in Cebu don't ever buy in Colon market. It would last for 2-5 mos. since you are paying cheap. Technicians are making magic out of the old electrical devices, put them together and sell device as brand new or refurbish phones.

I find a new invention of gadget intending to outrun iphone. It is Palm's Pre. The presentation is good when I watch the video but downplaying the good of iphone. If the consumers will buy the idea, then Palm Pre will earn millions and will rise and monopolize the market from economics point of view. Time to shine so they say.