Friday, August 14, 2009


What is in the red T-shirt that made me write a story line? It is something that I call “memoire”. It has a lot of significance to me. I tell you the story. When my son, Dane Christian (he has a blog at the other side of the fence hehehe…. graduated from elementary at Manggahan Elementary School, Pasig City in March 1998, I gave him the red t-shirt as my graduation gift with matching brown shorts, I believe so. Oh! I could not vividly remember. I am having a dementia not because that I am getting old that I honestly It is because I have a migraine now. It is hurting my head. When he was in high school, he gave back the t-shirt to me. It don’t fit him anymore. At that time, loose t-shirt was the trend. I heartedly accept it, wear it at home.

The t-shirt has undergone several hand-wash or machine wash but the color did not fade-out. The color is still dark red. When I work here Cebu, I requested my kids to send me some personal stuff and some clothes that I can wear in the office since we are required to wear corporate attire. This t-shirt was included in the package sent either thru LBC or thru my niece. This is a masculine t-shirt so I only wear it in the boarding house. My son, Dane and Dawn (Tina or Unich, whatever) joined me here in Cebu City in May 5, 2008. My son had to find a job and my dau, Tina has to pursue her college education.

Fad and fashions change from time to time. Like a wind blows where it pleases. it is good that I keep the t-shirt. Fit t-shirt is on the trend now so he has to wear a t-shirt that fits to his body. Modesty aside, he was into body building fitness but quitted when I got sick last June 2009. One time I reminded Dane that red t-shirt is about 11 years old already. He requested me to return it back to him. Wow! the t-shirt has a life span of 11 years old. Imagine that. As long as we take care of our old stuffs like clothing, we can recycle it and be in the trend again. Why not make a business like trend setters. Old clothes into a fashion. That is a dynamic idea. Hahaha…I have to lay my hand down on this.