Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laundry Tips

I spend half of my lifetime doing our laundry. I am not dependable to helpers. I was trained by my mom at the age of 10 to do household chores on my own. At the age of 10, I also started to learn how to cook. I'm a good cook too. My children, who are all grown-up now are all independent. They are used to life without domestic maids not because I can't afford to hire a helper. Maids or helpers or whatever can make me nuts. I am a well organize person inside the house. I see to it that our stuff are in proper order and clean. If helpers cannot meet my satisfaction then I better not hire. If I also hire a "labandera", she will just mess-up our clothing. I better do it my own. I do my laundry once or twice a week depending on the bulks during my days off.

These are my laundry tips. This is only for machine wash.

1. Separate white clothing from colored ones esp. those clothes that bleed
2. Prior to washing and for best result, you can first soak white clothes in the washing machine for the whole night with water and powder laundry soap of course. This is what I'm doing. I prefer Ariel with oxcybleach. I also put some amount of colored Zonrox bleach when soaking to remove the stinky odors. It kills bacteria. It is the next day that I do my laundry. I see to it that the wash program is soft not hard. The timer is set to 15 minutes.
3. After washing white clothing, I wash light colors, then dark colors and those clothes that bleed.
4. I rinse first the pants since the weight are heavier compared to t-shirts, blouses, and shorts. Hang them after rinsing with downy. Take times for pants to dry up. I would rather start rinsing with pants.
5.Then I rinse other washed clothes.
6. I never wash underwear or other lingerie, clothes or pants that are made of spandex or stretchable materials in the washing machine. Too much machine wash will destroy the garter that's in the clothes. I hand wash them.
7. I don't hang clothes directly in the sunlight except for while clothing. Colored clothes easily fade-out if not properly taken care of. I still have colored clothes with me for than a decade but I am still using it at work. Fashion trends is like a cycle. It fades and come back again.

I know it each of us as is own style for washing clothes. This method works for me.