Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How To Make Jewelry Items Out of Beads

Jewelry beads are trend now in the market and almost sold anywhere in a reasonable prices. My kids when they were high school had expertise making bead jewelry, like necklace, bracelet and anklet. My son would even make me a necklace with exotic design. These days, their attention has changed. Their concentration now is more on their studies and internet surfing. I am not good with this craft even when I was in elementary. My forte is more on organizing things inside the house. I love decorations, interior designing, collecting curtains, kitchen wares and similar stuff. I would go to ukay-ukay buy cheap curtains, bed sheets and even clothing. The quality is more durable.

I know there are moms like me who want to get indulged in a productive endeavor at home. Making beads at home would be the best alternative rather than gossiping and minding other people's business. Life is too difficult this time due to global recession. It only needs small capital and if there is mass production, they need only to find a market to sold the products.

Here is a tips to make beads.......