Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kris Aquino Statement on Willie Revillame

There are lots of humor-mongering about Willie Revillame statement in his show Willie of Fortune when he spoke against the insertion of the transfer of remains of Pres. Cory Aquino opining that the entire nation would not be happy while mourning for the passing of President. Willie's statement resulted to chain reactions among many sectors. The Alliance of Filipino Journalist denounced his disrespect for the late President. On August 11, puzzled Willie filed an indefinite leave. Some personalities ride on to the issue as if, intensifying the "bad" of Willie and downplaying their own "bad". If we don't know how to analyze political language then we will be deceived. Like his good friend at the other station who keep on lambasting him. Going down to character assassination. What we are saying is only a reflection of ourselves. We cannot just keep on extending ourselves by putting other people down to elevate our own selves. Willie is only answerable to his own conscience not to anybody.

Basing on Kris statement, Willie find a way to apologize for what he has done. The Aquino family has accepted his apology. Humbling down yourself is the greatest freedom. Even thou, Willie is the center of below the belt criticism, he has proven to humble down his self. That is the greatest thing he has done....accepting his mistakes. I always say, those who have not sin let them cast the first stone. Just listen to the video.