Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gov. Enrique A. Zaldivar passes away

I was stunned when I heard that my former boss, Gov. Enrique A. Zaldivar died at 74 at Makati Medical Center. I have not heard from him nor seen him for so long. Sometimes our path cross but that was many years ago. To me, he was a second father since I my father died in 1991. My father was a staunch support of Gov. Zaldivar. His sister, Sally Z. Perez, now governor of the Province Antique is the very close of my oldest brother, Manny who resides in California, USA. He was battling for cancer of the lymph nodes. He died peacefully in his sleep with his wife, Erlinda, and his children, Calixto III, Enrique, Jr and Pressy.

Gov. Zaldivar embraced and hug me tight when he visited my broly, Bebot to see his remains. He was no longer a governor. He lost his bid for re-election in 1988 to Atty. Jovito C. Plameras. He was active in his foundation, the Antique Development Foundation which I had a chance to work.

When I worked in Pasig City, he sent me a letter of invitation to visit Brunei but I never attempted to visit Brunei because my friend told me that we can go to Brunei at the back entrance, meaning, we can go there exiting from Mindanao. I was scared totally and I told her to forget about it. He was appointed by Erap as Ambassador to Brunei.

I may not be able to attend his burial where he will be laid down his final rest but in my heart I love this man, like my father. I wish you goodbye, Nong Eque. Sayonara……

Note: I tried to find a picture of Governor Zaldivar online but it was futile. I posted instead a sunset picture that connotes that it comes in our lives that we all pass away.