Sunday, August 2, 2009

Just An Impasse:Prediction

I've been sitting my butt in front of the pc for 2 hours waiting to pull out my blog for updates. I would update my blogs, including this one everyday. Well, it is not loading up yet at 4:38pm here, Phil time. Oh bummer!!!! It's down. Better check out by tomorrow.

Yesterday, I mentioned in one of my posts about "prediction" that I'll be tackling. I need ample time to make a story line out of it. I have to put my heart and soul. Actually, it is a unusual phenomena in my life. It's hard to put the basic explanation in words. All of us, has this kind of power that needs to be develop. Or sometimes, it is a God-given power. Albeit, God has the authority of all things. There are circumstances still that are beyond our control that only God can let it happen.

I know that you have heard so many prophecies of Nostradamus. Many will accuse him as wacko because some of his predictions did not come true or maybe just a coincidence as explained by scientist. Whatever it is, whatever is behind this phenomena, only a person who has this will power to believe in something to happen, it will happen with the right direction and vision.