Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beauty Around Us

My kids love taking pictures. Pictures such as plants, animals, flowers, structures or any others objects that they find fascinating. I studied the pictures and they are awesome. I also realized that God is a great creator and inventor. Maybe, we have not recognized the value of the creation because our lives are busy, as they say,” survival of fetish.” Perhaps we are blinded with the material things that we want to possess, like money, clothing, jewelries, cars, etc. Yes this is a fact! We only remember God when we ask favors. When we are in need.

Albeit, if we look and focus the creation, we can summarize that God who is the author of everything is the greatest artist. His works are masterpiece. One is human being. We were made in His likeness and image. There are flowers, plants, moon, stars, water, sun, air, animals, galaxy and the universe. No amount of science can explain this. No mathematics can define this. God everyday is manifesting His self to us through his creation. Take time in a day to thank His power and glory.