Friday, October 23, 2009

SURVIVOR (S19E06) This is a Man Test

Season 19, Episode 6 was the scariest moment and unusual scene in Survivor. During the challenge, Russell struck his head on the table. He suffered injury. Russel was considered the one of the most fit on the show for this season but apparently he was pushing himself too much at taking the role at heart. The was discombobulated (state of confusion).

Russell had passed out twice. His heart rate dropped to 37 beats per minute. Had he not passed out, he had a chance of a win and survivor 2doomed Galu’s chances of winning.

he challenge will not stop there. Russell I understand is okay now after he was taken away by the helicopter medics. What other challenges are they going to take. Who would endure at the end? This is a question that we keep on entertaining every time we watch Survivor. You can get your hairs standing when you engulf of the scenarios that you can see on TV.

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