Monday, October 19, 2009


Despite of the lawsuit slammed by TLC to Jon Gosselin for breach of contract as a star of hit reality show "Jon and Kate Plus 8", Jon Gosselin still find time to have with her lover, Hailey Glassman. They were caught sharing a passionate kiss at the Oak Room by Horse and Carriage last Saturday (October 17) in New York City.

As we recalled, Kate Gosselin had filed a lawsuit to Jon Gosselin to return thousands of money he withdrew from their joint account. The court had given Jon up to October 26 to return $180,000.00. That was a gargantuan amount of money. Where will Jon get the amount to pay back the money if he had spent that amount already. This is a big pain in the ass for Jon!

Hmmm by November Jon is no longer a cast of TLC famous reality hit show. It will be titled as Kate Plus 8.

Who started to screw this up? Anyway, Jon Gosselin was enjoying the fun with Hailey Glassman.