Friday, September 11, 2009

A Time To Remember A Very Good Friend

All I could hear were the

resounding joys and laughter
and then they vanished like

smoke slipping skyward

Then I tried to memorize lines
to describe him but my thoughts
dwindle with the ebb
of the tide in the ocean

January, February, March, April........September 11. Time has wings like a seagull flying fast in the mid air with all her strength. Or like a night unfolding its beauty beyond our imagination. Then, comes a day playing laughter with the rain. So almost every year, a year is added to our age. Fine lines too. Then facing life again with many uncertainties.

It was the birthday of my good friend, in fact our good trainer, Brent Garlock yesterday, 9/11. A coincidence also with the commemoration of the terrorist attack of Al-Qaeda of the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, New York.

I met him in May 16, 2006 along with the other trainees. He was our trainer for Tracfone account. One thing that struck me in those heydays of training he can memorize our names in one day by repetition. He has a funny bone too. He can stir jokes and humors during his class so we don't feel sleepy. I laughed with the jokes. I giggled with his stories of how he happened to wear a sanitary napkin because of that funny incident but the moment Brent started to lecture again, my golly, my brain got numb. I couldn’t understand anything. Every word uttered was like a cacophonous sound to me. I was nervous and I don’t exactly know if I passed the training. Venus always tops the quizzes so she had bunch of lollipops and candies or chocolates but no flowers (lol) as a reward. After two weeks of training, luckily I made it. I and my co-agents were deployed to the floor to take calls. The experienced was exasperating. Brent stay in Cebu was a short stint and most of us, only heard news from the grapevine that he was in Florida. All the way I thought that he was in USA.

It was only in 2007 that Mommy Delia informed me that she had a chat with Brent via her mobile phone. I found a way to chat with him through my mobile phone and that was the time we learned that he was in Costa Rica. He had a burning desire in one of our conversations that he would like to come back to Philippines. In September 9, 2008, Brent informed me that he got the Manila job and had already tendered his resignation. In September 15, he landed safely in the Philippines but I don't know what happened to his baggage he left out at the airport. He is now with the Ace Global Call Center, Taguig City. The company caters more on collections. In September 27, he came to visit us in Cebu. My God, he has gained much weight! Thirty pounds more my weight. Still golden boy! Still a glib talker! Still funny! Still lots of stories! It was a short acquaintance. though. Two hours maybe. Brent was beating the time paradox. I know he is still. From seizing the night and day. We still used to communicate but his bitchy work is drifting him away. The last time I have heard from him was last June 2009. He said he was slaving his self. Then, no more communication. Or maybe it’s one way of saying to me, “Beth you are bludgeoning me with your stories and your wacky philosophies. Or Beth, I am tired of your mantra. Why don't you just blow your brains?" Hahaha, I know he has a tough job and tough responsibilities. He is the boss. Days and years are numbered. Sometime life stinks but who can stop life from playing.

What can I wish for his birthday? He has everything maybe that he has achieved in the 35 years of his life here in the planet. I know now what to wish….good health to sustain his energy and more people that he can share his GOOD HEART. I always reiterate in our conversation that he has GOOD HEART. That is so far I can best describe him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENT!