Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Raymond Clark III Apartment Raided by Police

Annie Le, murdered woman whose body
was found in the basement

Raymond Clark III (at the center) was led away by the police from his apartment

Raymond Clark III apartment was raided by police in the attempt to link him to the killing of Yale student who died a week before she was to be married. He was handcuffed by police and led him away from his apartment for DNA samples. He will be released after they obtained a sample from him and his apartment.

Police were hoping to compare DNA taken from Clark's hair, fingernails and saliva to more than 150 pieces of evidence collected from the crime scene. That evidence may also be compared at a state lab with DNA samples given voluntarily from other people with access to the crime scene.

Annie Le body was discovered in a basement of a research building at Yale's medical school. She had vanished Sept. 8.