Monday, February 7, 2011


What happened to Christina Aguilera singing the US National Anthem at the Super Bowl? She goofed up and messed it up.

Aguilera tried to make up for it by combining two lines -- "What so proudly we watched," instead of "What so proudly we hailed", but let's just say that it was too late to reverse the error. Twitter blew up, and all Aguilera could do was to oversing every word from there on out, which she most certainly did.

It was a fitting tribute for a Super Bowl that has seen procedural errors all over the place, from the inability of the city of Dallas to deal with unusual weather to the last-minute news that 400 unlucky people would not get to sit in their paid-for seats.

Here is video of the full performance of Aguilera in case you don't see it yet.